Understanding wind farm performance

Do you have problems with your wind farm's performance? Or have you already run a measurement campaign, but the results aren't clear?

Solving unusual problems is what we do every day.

World class wind energy insights

We’re experts in the planning, execution and analysis of measurement campaigns using drones, lidar, and in-situ sensors. And, we know how wind turbines and wind farms work.

We provide in-depth analysis of the wind fields across wind parks and how they affect wind turbine performance

We have our own in-house software to analyse data. Based on decades of research applications we can used it to get a fast insight into what’s going on.

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Our experts

Ines Würth

Ines Würth

Dr.-Ing, Dipl.-Ing.

Consultancy lead

Ines is an aerospace engineer and measurement expert with a focus on wind turbine power performance testing and wind power forecasting. She has 10 years experience in data analysis and international R&D project management. As a team lead at the University of Stuttgart she learned how to be at the forefront of new technologies and implement new ideas quickly.

Ines now leads enviConnect's wind lidar consultancy activities.

Martin Hofsäß

Martin Hofsäß

Dipl. -Ing.

Lidar expert

Dipl. –Ing.in aerospace engineering with more than 10 years of experience in the wind energy sector. Management and participation in national research projects, special expertise in in-situ and lidar measurements and data analysis.

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