Measuring wind in complex terrain can be difficult.

In complex terrain you're quickly out of the range of standards, and it's not easy to put masts up.

Use our wind lidar expertise to get the data you need quickly and safely. We provide results that are easy to understand and actionable.

Every situation is different

Getting the best data means understanding why data are needed. We work with you to make sure that a measurement campaign can deliver those results. That could mean using models for post-processing, using scanning lidar instead of profilers, and many other options.

We know what can be done

We keep up to date with the latest R&D, best practices, and standards to find out what’s possible and what’s acceptable to investors. We work with all of the lidar vendors and leading specialists to implement solutions designed for your needs.

We’ve led international wind lidar collaborations through IEA Wind Task 32 on wind lidar, and are now leading the digitalisation activities in the new IEA Wind Task 52, “Large-scale deployment of wind lidar”. We’re also active members of the Consortium for the Advancement of Remote Sensing (CFARS). Through the University of Stuttgart our team members are also involved in developing standards through the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) and participate in the German Fördergesellschaft Windenergie (FGW).

Our experts are well-placed to help you make confident steps with wind lidar.

Simple solutions to complex problems

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Our experts

Ines Würth

Ines Würth

Dr.-Ing, Dipl.-Ing.

Consultancy lead

Ines is an aerospace engineer and measurement expert with a focus on wind turbine power performance testing and wind power forecasting. She has 10 years experience in data analysis and international R&D project management. As a team lead at the University of Stuttgart she learned how to be at the forefront of new technologies and implement new ideas quickly.

Ines now leads enviConnect's wind lidar consultancy activities.

Martin Hofsäß

Martin Hofsäß

Dipl. -Ing.

Lidar expert

Dipl. – aerospace engineering with more than 10 years of experience in the wind energy sector. Management and participation in national research projects, special expertise in in-situ and lidar measurements and data analysis.

Related experience

IEA Wind Task 52

Leading theme 3 on 'Connecting wind lidar'

IEA Wind Task 32

Joint Operating Agents of a global RD&D collaboration to identify and mitigate the barriers to the adoption of wind lidar for wind energy applications


Design and build lidars and drones for high resolution wind measurements in wind farms


Development of lidar-based forecasts

Lidar Complex

Lidar measurements in complex terrain