Measurements on demand

Sometimes you need the precision of a meteorological mast, but the flexibility of remote sensing. That's where drones come in handy!

The unique ANDroMeDA drone for wind measurements

Our patented ANDroMeDA drone allows unparalleled meteorological measurements for wind energy, urban spaces, transport, and many other applications. We can fly them for you alone or in swarms to get you the data you need.

two drones on the ground in front of a building © C. Molter
We fly the University of Stuttgart's ANDroMeDA drone. Check out the video!

Custom drones

Do you need something special? We can turn your drone ideas into reality. Get in touch to find out how we could design and build a custom drone, or help you integrate your new payload into a drone.

© C. Molter
The unique ANDroMeDA drone was developed at Stuttgart Wind Energy for wind energy applications

Our experts

Holger Fürst

Holger Fürst

M. Sc.

Mechatronic product developer

M. Sc. in Mechatronics with more than 5 years experience in national and international wind energy research projects. Special interests in development, simulation and control of mechatronic systems. Designer and developer of the Stuttgart Wind Energy Lidar Scanner.

Christian Molter

Christian Molter


Aerospace engineer

PhD in aerospace engineering on designing and building multirotor vehicles for wind speed measurements, including the ANDroMeDA drone. Likes the mix between theoretical and applied sciences: calculations, simulations, testing, measurement, and designing.