Technology scouting

There are lots of products out there that might help you solve a problem, and lots of new technologies being developed that could be useful in future.

But how do you find the right one for you? How do you make sure that you’ve seen new ideas from other markets? That’s where our network and experience helps.

Technology scouting

We’ll work with you to find out what you really need, and then go looking for it worldwide. We’ll give you a selection of potential products and technologies, and then dig in where you want to know more.

We can check out solutions you’ve already heard of, and we can be an intermediary if you want to be anonymous.

Our focus is on technology scouting around renewable energy, climate, and meteorology.

Monthly updates and refocus

We’ll report in every month and give you an actionable summary of what we’ve found. We’ll adapt our next search to your feedback and needs.

Pilot projects

Once you’ve found something that might work, we can run a pilot project for you to help you try it out. Our staff are experienced in running multidisciplinary projects with lots of partners and complex, interlinked deliverables.

Looking for something special?

Connect with us to find out how enviConnect can help you find the right technologies.

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Our experts

Andy Clifton

Andy Clifton

Dr. sc. ETH Zürich MEng CEng

Business manager & tech transfer lead

Andy leads enviConnect and is the first point of contact for all enquiries. He has over 20 years of experience in renewable energy and climate science RD&D projects in Europe, Canada, and the USA. He's been a chartered engineer with the UK's Institute of Mechanical Engineers since 2010, and now helps run the IMechE local members' group in Germany.

Andy is our expert in technology transfer and research partnerships.

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