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It can be complicated to write a project proposal, or bid on tenders.

We know how it works. Let us help you navigate the process.

Publicly-funded projects in Germany

Bidding for projects in Germany can be a challenge for foreign companies. It’s not just the language, but also the forms and the processes.

We’ve worked with many of the major public funding agencies in Germany, including PtJ, BMWi, BMBF, and the DFG. We’ve also worked on EU funding applications.

We’ve over 100 years of combined experience in project proposals for nationally-funded projects in Germany and from EU funding programs. In total our staff have been responsible for obtaining well over €100 Million in funding during their careers.

We can apply that experience for you to help you write a successful proposal.

Private tenders

We have a good network of contacts across the European renewable energy industry. We’re tied in to a range of academic and industry networks. We keep an eye out for tenders and help you put together the right proposal when something comes up.

Partnerships with universities, research organisations, and industry

Sometimes you need a bigger team. We’re happy to work with you to bring a team together from any of Germany’s excellent R&D institutions or with private industry.

Project Management

If you need to, we can run R&D projects or pilot projects for you. Our staff are experienced in running multidisciplinary projects with lots of partners and complex, interlinked deliverables. We know how to work with funding agencies and what kind of reporting they expect. And, we know how to keep customers happy.

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Our experts

Oliver Bischoff

Oliver Bischoff

Dipl. -Ing.

Project manager

Dipl. -Ing. in aerospace engineering with many years of experience in wind energy. Participation in many national and international R&D projects and guidelines. Special expertise in the fields of wind measurement, lidar and wind resource assessment on land and offshore.