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Converting an idea into a product takes unique expertise and experience. Even more so in the wind energy industry, where often you need to combine hardware and software.

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We’re experts in designing and building complex mechatronic systems that combine sensors, actuators, controllers, and mechanical components.

We’ve built lidar, drones, and any number of other items for use in research and as early products.

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The unique ANDroMeDA drone was developed at Stuttgart Wind Energy for wind energy applications

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We’ll work with you to build the solution that you need. We’ll set up an iterative process that delivers regular results that you can share with your customers or stakeholders.

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Our experts

Holger Fürst

Holger Fürst

M. Sc.

Mechatronic product developer

M. Sc. in Mechatronics with more than 5 years experience in national and international wind energy research projects. Special interests in development, simulation and control of mechatronic systems. Designer and developer of the Stuttgart Wind Energy Lidar Scanner.

Philipp Berlinger

Philipp Berlinger


Wind measurement expert

Electrician with M.Sc. in Energy supply focused on all types of measurements for wind energy application. Experienced in complex sensor installations on metmasts and on/offshore wind turbines.

Related experience


Design and build lidars and drones for high resolution wind measurements in wind farms


Lidar Complex

Lidar measurements in complex terrain