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Technology Review: Predicting the effects of climate change on wind energy facilities and infrastructure

A short perspective on our understanding of the effects of climate change on wind energy, and how this can be quantified for the assessment of climate-related risks.

Technology Review: Scanning Doppler wind lidar for wind field measurements

A short perspective on the state of the art in scanning lidar for wind energy applications.

10 rules for technology transfer in wind energy

Pointers for R&I organisations, startups, bridge builders, and early adopters. Presented to the Swiss Wind Energy R&D Network on 11 July 2022.


Getting started in wind energy

A guide for academics, job seekers, and entrepreneurs

Research challenges and needs for the deployment of wind energy in hilly and mountainous regions

A review of the R&D challenges and needs for wind energy in complex terrain and icing-prone locations. Published in _Wind Energy Science_