This website is built from a range of open-source software.

Design and tweaks

This website is based on the Serif Jekyll theme from and used under the MIT license.

Design changes include:

  • Modification of color scheme, icons, logo, fonts, etc. to follow our corporate identity
  • Mutlilingual support was implemented based on an idea outlined here.
  • Page tags have been added following the concept outlined here.

Third-party services

Some site functionality is provided by third parties.

  • The cookie consent notice and cookie handling uses cookieconsent from Orest Bida, customised by us for this site. It is used under the MIT license.
  • Maps are implemented using the leaflet.js library.

Some of these services require data transfer and may set cookies. For more information see our data protection and privacy policy.


Some of the photos on this site were provided by our staff:

  • Cow, turbines, and farmyard (used on index) copyright Andrew Clifton 2020. Used with permission.
  • team building exercises copyright Andrew Clifton 2020. Used with permission.
  • Portrait images provided by each individual

Some images were provided by the Chair of Wind Energy at the University of Stuttgart and are used with permission.

All other images are from and are used without attribution, which is allowed according to the terms of the unsplash license.


We use icons from the redefining women collection on the noun project.


The following logos are used with permission:

  • TTI GmbH
  • University of Stuttgart
  • Swiss Wind Energy R&D Network
  • IEA Wind Task 32


We believe that we have used these resources appropriately. If you have any comments or questions about our use of these resources, please get in touch.