We founded enviConnect in 2020 to set wind energy innovations free.

The idea for enviConnect came when we were all working together at the Chair of Wind Energy at the University of Stuttgart.

We saw how much research never made it out of the labs, and wanted to do something about it. We talked to lots of people and found out that the problem was a lack of contact between innovators and potential early adopters. Even if they were talking at conferences and exchanging research results, they weren’t talking about products that customers could use. There’s a gap.

So we set up enviConnect to help researchers and entrepreneurs to get quick access to customers, and vice-versa. We help turn ideas into products, and help customers find those products.

enviConnect is a startup from the University of Stuttgart
enviConnect is a startup from the University of Stuttgart

Now we operate through the Technology Transfer Initiative GmbH. TTI provides legal and accounting support to startups from the University of Stuttgart. That means our customers deal with a professional back-office, and we can focus on giving you the technical services that you need.