We're a startup, but that doesn't mean we're new at this.

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Technology Review: Predicting the effects of climate change on wind energy facilities and infrastructure

A short summary on the effects of climate change on wind energy, and how this can be quantified for the assessment of climate-related risks.


Technology Review: Scanning Doppler wind lidar for wind field measurements

A short perspective on the state of the art in scanning lidar for wind energy applications.


Getting started in wind energy

A guide for academics, job seekers, and entrepreneurs


10 rules for technology transfer in wind energy

Pointers for R&I organisations, startups, bridge builders, and early adopters. Presented to the Swiss Wind Energy R&D Network on 11 July 2022.


IEA Wind Task 52

Leading theme 3 on 'Connecting wind lidar'


The Swiss Wind Energy R&D Network

Part of the management team


Research challenges and needs for the deployment of wind energy in hilly and mountainous regions

A review of the R&D challenges and needs for wind energy in complex terrain and icing-prone locations. Published in Wind Energy Science, November 2022.


CFARS - the consortium for advancing remote sensing

Part of the management team



Developed and helped implement a successful strategy for organic growth


IEA Wind Task 32

Joint Operating Agents of a global RD&D collaboration to identify and mitigate the barriers to the adoption of wind lidar for wind energy applications



Design and build lidars and drones for high resolution wind measurements in wind farms



Development of lidar-based forecasts


Lidar Complex

Lidar measurements in complex terrain


IEA Wind Recommended Practices #15

Led development of the first community consensus recommended practices for ground-based, vertically-profiling wind lidar


Lidar 2

Nacelle-based lidar for power curve measurements



Lidar data correction for complex sites



Uncertainty quantification of floating lidar buoys



lidar-based forecasts for offshore wind farms



Nacelle-based lidar on floating turbine


Recommended Practices for floating lidar

KIC Inno Energy - NEPTUNE

Development of a floating lidar buoy